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Rules in Racquetball?

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Kita asked:

I’ve been playing racquetball with a few friends, but the rules everyone tells me are inconsistent, and I’m not sure what to follow. So here’s a few circumstances I’m unsure about.

If the ball is an “out”, as in, it hits something over the Play wall (We’re playing outdoors), would that be the server’s fault, or would the other person just serve then?

If I’m playing on a 3 wall court, and I serve, but the ball hits past the boundary line, is that also a fault?

When serving, and the ball doesn’t hit the second line, that’s a fault, right?

How does one do an “Angle-Angle” serve? A “Z-Serve”?

What is “hindrance” and “screen”?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. vegasrob89118 Said,

    Wow, lots of questions – I’ll answer what I can (I am not sure what some of the questions mean)

    1 – a hindrance is basically a do-over because the person that just hit the ball hinders the opponents ability to hit the ball by being in the way or even a “sight hinder” – blocks the ability to see the ball

    2 – a z-serve is one where the server serves from one side of the court across the court to the corner (hitting the front first of course) and then the ball angles back making a z

    3 – as far as “out” goes – it would be the person that hit the ball causing it to go out

    4 – a serve should hit the front wall and travel past the serving box and then hit the floor before hitting the back wall (since you do not have a back wall – before going out)

    good luck and enjoy – I hope I understood your questions – just get a rule book if there is any doubt

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