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What is Your Level of Racquetball Knowledge?

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imgoingtobeavet asked:

I play racquetball and I was wondering how many of you actually know of it at least a little?

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Rules in Racquetball?

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Kita asked:

I’ve been playing racquetball with a few friends, but the rules everyone tells me are inconsistent, and I’m not sure what to follow. So here’s a few circumstances I’m unsure about.

If the ball is an “out”, as in, it hits something over the Play wall (We’re playing outdoors), would that be the server’s fault, or would the other person just serve then?

If I’m playing on a 3 wall court, and I serve, but the ball hits past the boundary line, is that also a fault?

When serving, and the ball doesn’t hit the second line, that’s a fault, right?

How does one do an “Angle-Angle” serve? A “Z-Serve”?

What is “hindrance” and “screen”?

Thanks in advance!

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