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How can I get armorall off of a racquetball court floor?

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buelbates asked:

An employee used Armorall to clean our racquetball court and now it is dangerously slippery. We have the state championships coming up and I need to know how to clean it off. I’ve tried soap and water, but no luck. Any ideas?

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  1. trailerville Said,

    Everyone knows that soap and water are the only cure for Armorall… You just have to scrub harder…

  2. commorancy Said,

    Ask someone who runs a bowling alley. They have to oil the lanes and that’s easily as slippery as armorall on a gym floor. They know how to strip the lanes of oil to re-oil them. Whatever they use on the lanes should probably work on Armorall.

    Good luck.

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