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What is the best way to advertise Racquetball to get the sport introduced people, including youth and women?

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rcqutballer asked:

Racquetball is a fun sport and good exercise and not dependant on weather, since many racquetball courts are inside. Burn alot of calories, dont hit the ball over the fence, like in tennis and no umbrella or sunscreen required…haha
Outdoor racquetball is fun too.

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  1. mlkirchgessner Said,

    get anchormen to do their stories while playing

  2. YahooGuru2u Said,

    Hey Moms! Hey Kids! Want to go in a small room with no windows? Want to get hit in the back by a speeding hard rubber ball? If you answered yes, then indoor racquetball is for you! Don’t worry, those bruises will go away in a few weeks.

  3. Dr 8'lls Said,

    I love racquetball, but I haven’t played in 10 years. You have to have access to a public facility (extremely rare), or be loaded. I’m sure if the sport was as easy to access as say basketball, baseball, soccer or even tennis, more people would try it and love it.

  4. ellohav Said,

    i love racquetball!i play alot,many people do not know much about the sport such as rules,equipment and future of it(professional)!i think if people knew more it would help!when introducing it to others they should be told about all these things or even shown a cool videos such as on the website good help attract knew members

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