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What is the best way to advertise Racquetball to get the sport introduced people, including youth and women?

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rcqutballer asked:

Racquetball is a fun sport and good exercise and not dependant on weather, since many racquetball courts are inside. Burn alot of calories, dont hit the ball over the fence, like in tennis and no umbrella or sunscreen required…haha
Outdoor racquetball is fun too.

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Racquetball Websites?

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smart lady asked:

Anyone know a web site that gives some good pointers/tips for racquetball?

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Does anyone know of any leagues or classes for beginners tennis, racquetball, and/or softball?

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B asked:

I am looking for leagues or classes for beginner’s tennis, racquetball, and/or softball in the Roswell/Sandy Springs/Dunwoody area. Anyone know of good places to go for this? Thanks!

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