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Is racquetball played in your country?

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lampoilman asked:

What country are you from and is racquetball played there?

NOT squash, Not paddleball, Not tennis…just interested in racquetball Thanks.
Some countrys spell it racketball

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  1. SH Said,

    To my knowledge, racquetball is not played here in Sweden.

  2. Crzypvt Said,

    It is rather popular here in Germany.

  3. wafflin Said,

    Yes, its played in the UK but i don’t believe its very popular, people prefer tennis and squash.

  4. ndnkids911 Said,

    no, not wear i come from by the way i live in fredericton.

  5. meanie Said,

    In the US.. I have heard of it at some of the local health clubs.

  6. yoaprh Said,

    No,not in Singapore.

  7. Cristi Mitan Said,

    I’m from Romania and the answer is NO!
    Could be a great idea to start a racquetball movement here – everything is developing now here and alot of turists are coming here because mainly of dracula mith…

    I’m open for further discussions!


  8. liveevilone666 Said,

    G’day Bud, as I live in Australia, we play almost everything, Lacrosse and American football included. Racquetball, Croquet, Aussie Rules, European football (soccer in the US & Australia). Paddleball is the one I don’t know. We play too many variations of lawn bowls (Italians have their method, the Croats theirs, and the Standardised version).

    The reason we play everything is the multicultural nature of our society. There are people from everywhere, and as we live in coastal areas on the main, we are exposed to many a sport. Why, pray tell, did you ask about a single sport rather than all, I could have gone to name quite a few.

    Cheers, L

  9. shweta_s_2006 Said,

    No,not in India

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