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i live in s. scottsdale. where might i find an outdoor and/or free racquetball courts?

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tobiford asked:

looking for outdoor/free racquetball

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In racquetball doubles the server serves the ball and hits his partner who has one foot out of the box. OKI?

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Grant M asked:

Do the players serving lose their turn?

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Restringing Racquetball Racquet?

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Two_Seven_Deuce asked:

Does anyone know if Dick’s Sporting Goods restrings racquetball racquests or if there is a place that does in around Frederick Maryland or Harrisburg/York PA?

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How long should I use a racquetball?

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nosajeel99 asked:

Just curious on how long a ball is good for. We played with one for a long time and didn’t know any difference until we put a new ball in the court. It was a stark difference. What is a “normal” life span for a regular, blue racquetball?

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As a senior do you walk or play tennis or racquetball for your health?

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Gypsy Gal asked:

I play racquetball and have a killer serve that no one can touch.

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